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Apr 7, 2021 11:22:00 AM

Quickbase integrations save you time and money

In our work as Quickbase Consultants, we see so many companies who could be doing more with their existing Quickbase apps. Because Quickbase integrates with virtually every major app or platform, it’s an absolute powerhouse if you know how to put it to work. It’s just that many of the most useful Quickbase API integrations aren’t immediately obvious to those who haven’t been working with the platform as long as we have.

The other challenge is that too many organizations try to make the wrong app into their operating platform. Accounting software is designed for accountants. Collaboration tools aren’t designed to manage your inventory. Quickbase, however, is designed to be what you need it to be.

Quickbase integrations can help you pull together all these disparate tools and create a central hub from which to operate. Creating a Quickbase dashboard that integrates with your other tools will allow you to strategically pull information from different systems to execute workflows. 

That’s why we put together this list. Quickbase API integrations can do wonders to improve your organization’s efficiency and productivity, allowing you to use the data you need and cut out the noise. Connecting everything from accounting to sales to collaboration software, Quickbase integrations can seamlessly reduce the number of clicks and make information more accessible to everyone.

Here are just a few of the areas where Quickbase API integrations can save your organization time and money.


Too often, people try to take their accounting platform, Quickbooks for example, and try to turn it into an operations system. However, that’s not what Quickbooks was designed for – it’s not built for resource management and scheduling. Let Quickbooks be for accountants. Keep your accounting separate from your operations. 

But the two do need to interact, and that’s where Quickbase can shine. While there are plenty of people on your team who need to know invoicing and payment status, they don’t need to be accessing the accounting software directly or pestering the accountants to find that out. Integrating your accounting software into a Quickbase dashboard will put that information at their fingertips.

Time Tracking

Quickbase can be set up to be used as an exceptional time tracking tool, but if you already have a platform, you can integrate it and use the information more effectively. With a central Quickbase dashboard, you can pull time information from your time tracking system and monitor your projects from a time and budget perspective. 

Integrating your time tracking software with a Quickbase dashboard has tremendous possibilities in terms of maximizing efficiency. From this centralized operations platform, you’ll be able to associate costs with projects, invoice and bill from one place, manage your labor, and perform resource management – all with a single login.


Setting up a Quickbase integration with your CRM is an excellent way to really leverage your data and better manage your projects. You can pull sales information into a delivery system, pull marketing information – there are so many possibilities to streamline your data with a Quickbase dashboard. 

For example, if you’re already working in Salesforce, you can easily integrate your sales data with your project management workflows. Quickbase can automatically pull information on sold projects from Salesforce into your operations platform to save you from having to manually enter the information.

Inventory Management

As with so many of these areas, Quickbase works exceptionally well as an inventory management system on its own. But if you have a system in place, say you’re working in Netsuite or Oracle or SAP, you can integrate these programs into a Quickbase dashboard and dramatically simplify your operations. 

With Quickbase, you can create numerous triggers connected to your inventory management program. Not only can you check your inventory and create triggers for reorders, but you can also tie inventory to orders and availability, track and manage changes in pricing and materials, etc. While much of this might already be covered by an existing inventory management system, integrating that system with Quickbase makes it incredibly easy to pull that data for processing or fulfillment, and analyzing inventory cycles.


Whether it’s Slack, Twilio, Microsoft Teams or one of the half dozen other platforms out there designed to keep everyone in constant communication, chances are you’re using one of these programs to get your team up to speed. Quickbase can streamline sharing important data so that you don’t have to enter information manually.

For example, you can integrate your Quickbase hub with Slack and notify the right people using triggers coming from your CRM, your accounting software, or any number of other platforms. You can automatically notify your Slack channel when payments come in, when specific meetings have been scheduled or are about to begin and when sales are closed, just to name a few.

Data Storage

As a central hub, Quickbase is an exceptional tool for storing data and for pulling data from other programs to help you better leverage information. Integrating Quickbase with your existing data storage platform – whether that’s Dropbox, Box, Google Drive – allows you to access that data from a single login. 

For example, if you’re storing proposals in one of these storage platforms, using Quickbase API integrations you can pull data from them directly to your accounting system. You can also pull project-specific information (whether that’s CAD drawings or project specifications) and easily run analyses or tie them to reports and conclusions.

Use Quickbase as Your Operations Hub

Ultimately, Quickbase integrations allow you to improve your processes by functioning as a central hub. Your data becomes more concise and secure when it’s accessible from one, central location. Integrating with Quickbase means you can pull necessary information into your day to day operations or push information back as needed – without having to access 10 different platforms. Fundamentally, you’ll be able to make better business decisions with all your data in one place. 

Want help identifying opportunities for streamlining your processes with Quickbase integrations? We’d love to help. VeilSun is the number one rated Quickbase Service Provider (QSP). With more than fifteen years of QSP experience, we are dedicated to partnering with our clients to find the right solution for your business. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation!

Richard Crum

Written by Richard Crum

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