The 4 Top Signs You Need a Quick Base Consultant

Nov 24, 2020 2:10:55 PM

working with a quick base consultant will save you time and money

As one of the most adaptable and user-friendly tools on the market, Quick Base can help you build custom workflows for virtually any of your organization’s unique needs. Whether it’s simply improving your scheduling workflows or helping you manage digital pull planning for lean construction, Quick Base is exceptionally versatile. Its low-code, user friendly structure also means you can build a custom app without a sophisticated development team on staff. Working with a Quick Base Consultant, however, might be a better, more efficient and readily accessible solution to getting your app built quickly and effectively.

The benefits of Quick Base are obvious to anyone who has ever struggled to create a custom app for an organization. Quick Base is remarkably adaptable and incredibly scalable, no matter the size of your business or plans for future growth. Its low-code platform can speed your time from app concept to launch by years. Furthermore, it allows you to do all this while remaining remarkably secure. 

Nevertheless, those benefits make the tool easy to underestimate in terms of development. Just because Quick Base is simple to use doesn’t mean the out of the box or basic customized solutions are the best fit for your organization. In the right hands, Quick Base can be the foundation for incredibly sophisticated and complex processes – but it takes experience and know-how to truly bring a Quick Base app to its maximum potential.

If you have an idea for how to use Quick Base to innovate an application for your organization, you may be debating whether or not you should develop your app in-house. The alternative is hiring an expert Quick Base consultant to put the pieces together for you. 

Here are three questions to help you decide when to bring in an expert Quick Base consultant to help build and launch your next Quick Base project.

1. How Soon Do You Need to Launch?

No matter how smart or talented your in-house team might be, learning a new tool takes time. If they aren’t already skilled at working with Quick Base, the development time will likely be longer than you’d prefer.

Quick Base consultants have created hundreds of Quick Base apps over the years. This means they’re not only incredibly efficient, but they’ve also had vast amounts of experience seeing the same problems solved multiple different ways. Ultimately, Quick Base Consultants can speed your time to launch by months.

The benefits that Quick Base consultants bring to your timeline include:

  • Zero learning curve
  • Increased accuracy that eliminates re-work
  • Unique "Quick Start" programs for critical timeframes

2. Does Your IT Department Have a Deep Bench & Quick Base Experience?

In spite of the user-friendly interface that makes Quick Base so useful, you still need multiple skill sets to bring your custom application to life. Really maximizing the potential of the tool requires deep Quick Base expertise. To successfully build, launch and foster adoption of a new app requires time and skill that your IT department may or may not have. A project manager, business development specialist, low-code developer and communications manager are all critical team members to have on board in order to get an app off the ground.

Also, don't forget that Quick Base, though low-code, still requires a learning curve like any other program. If you have a deep bench and these players have the bandwidth to learn Quick Base and dive into app development, you might be able to create your app in-house. Otherwise, you probably want to talk to a Quick Base Consultant. A consultant brings the expertise of an entire department, at a fraction of the cost.

3. Do You Have a Long Testing Window?

If you aren't partnering with an experienced Quick Base Consultant, you'll likely want to include a longer testing window into your project timeline to account for potential roadblocks. Bugs are always inevitable. It will take a fair bit of post-launch testing to ensure your app is functioning properly and at its maximum potential. 

If you’re hoping to have a functional app on a short timeline, Quick Base Consultants will make sure your app works – the first time. Because they've built thousands. With a Quick Base Consultant, there's a much better chance you'll get the right solution from the start, helping you avoid longer testing windows in addition to longer development times. Not only can a consultant help you avoid pitfalls, but they're also available for after-build support to help you quickly solve issues if they do arise.

4. Does Your App Need to Be Future-Proof?

Unlike those learning Quick Base for the first time to build a tool in-house, Quick Base Service Providers are more in tune with Quick Base trends, updates and upcoming changes. They've got a clear sense of the ways these things could impact how your app is built and how it might function after launch. Experienced Quick Base Consultants can see changes coming down the line and plan ahead when building your app.

Because they work closely with Quick Base and understand it from the inside out, Quick Base Service Providers are able to see longer term visions of where things are heading. This allows them to help reduce the risks of potential changes that would impact the long term version of your application.

Talk to One of Our Solution Architects Today

If you're considering a Quick Base Consultant for your next project, consider VeilSun. We're the #1 reviewed Quick Base Service Provider and have developed more than 1,000 Quick Base apps since 2012. 

VeilSun is deeply committed to partnering with our clients rather than offering canned solutions. All of our existing apps and extensions are customizable to suit your needs, and our experts are on-hand to help guide you through the process. 

VeilSun’s experienced solution architects have developed hundreds of applications for clients in almost every vertical. No matter your organization’s size or industry, we’re interested in crafting the right solution for you. We don’t believe in innovation for innovation’s sake. We believe in building applications that immediately solve a problem, and then scale as your business grows.

Contact us today to learn more about how working with a Quick Base Partner can help your business.

Rich Beanum

Written by Rich Beanum

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